What is FileCatalyst Central?

FileCatalyst Central is a web-based monitoring tool that acts as a united gateway to view and administer your entire FileCatalyst Direct and FileCatalyst Workflow deployment. FileCatalyst Central allows you to view ongoing transfers in real-time, drill into transaction histories and reports, view system health including alarms, remotely configure nodes, and initiate file transfers.

“The first benefit we noticed after implementing FileCatalyst was more control over our transfers and a dramatic speed improvement – we are finally able to use our 10 Gbps link to its full extent.”


Key Features of FileCatalyst Central

Central Management

From a single application users can inspect connected nodes and remotely control them. Because all connections from the node are outbound, no additional network configuration is required.


FileCatalyst Central provides an extensive reporting tool, with full access to all historical data. Reporting data becomes available in near real-time.

Real-Time Monitoring

File transfers are monitored in real-time via the map or the overview page. The map view can be customized by configuring a custom map canvas and by grouping components of the FileCatalyst deployment into more complex objects.

Node Administration

FileCatalyst Central enables full remote administration of any connected node. A node in FileCatalyst Central could be a FileCatalyst Server, TransferAgent, or HotFolder.

Monitor System Health

FileCatalyst Central allows administrators to monitor the overall health of their entire FileCatalyst deployment. Be alerted when nodes are down, or when systems are not performing correctly before it becomes an issue for users.

REST & API Scripting

FileCatalyst Central provides a full REST API which developers can use to further expand the existing functionality. Any action that is performed by the built in administration tools can be performed through the REST API.

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