Blackpearl RioBroker

BlackPearl® RioBroker, ® Spectra’s newly released data mover, a software front-end to the Spectra BlackPearl Converged Storage System with a simplified API that expands BlackPearl’s enterprise-class features.

Clustered Scale-Out Access to BlackPearl

Data Movement

High Availability

Scale Performance and Capacity

Data Movement

BlackPearl RioBroker facilitates data movement between storage product and BlackPearl with maximum efficiency. Maintaining its own job queue and status information, it manages data movement between production storage and the BlackPearl system.


With BlackPearl RioBroker clustering capability, should the need for greater performance arise, additional BlackPearl RioBrokers can be added to the system. Data movement functions are spread across cluster nodes, balancing the load and parallelizing data transfer for the highest performance possible.

High Availability

In environments where high availability is required, within a BlackPearl RioBroker cluster a primary node is dedicated, while other nodes are allocated as secondary systems. Should a failure occur on the primary, the secondary BlackPearl RioBroker node will take over, inheriting the primary's configuration, providing for zero downtime. Should secondaries fail, the load will be distributed.

Partial File Recovery

BlackPearl RioBroker includes Time-Based Partial File Restore (TPFR), independent of the application. BlackPearl RioBroker creates an index of media files that it moves to the archive. Using this TPFR a client application can use both time codes or byte offsets to restore a partial file or sequence of a video.

Multiple Data Transfer APIs Supported

BlackPearl RioBroker supports the ability to retrieve files from production storage using a file system interface (CIFS/SMB, direct attached, NFS, etc.) or an FTP interface. BlackPearl RioBroker is designed to easily be able to add and support additional interfaces in the future.

Migration Enablement

With Spectra Migration Services and BlackPearl RioBroker, organizations can automate migration from legacy storage systems to the modern BlackPearl platform. Migration is seamless, non-disruptive to production and takes place in the background. BlackPearl RioBroker facilitates the retrieval of assets during migration via a common namespace, whether on the legacy system or on BlackPearl.

Rio Cruise - Migration Utility

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