Migration Services

Spectra’s MigrationPassSM Service

Spectra Migration offers the opportunity to re-evaluate size needs in a disk or tape library solution, assure the new system is “migration friendly” for future migrations, and assure the partner you select to work with fits the business goals, ethics and direction of your own organization.

Migration of Existing LTO Tape Drives

Typically, migration conversations revolve solely around the migration of data. Using the new Spectra® Stack tape library, the conversation begins around the movement of the actual LTO tape drives. Spectra is unique in allowing LTO drives to be moved from a library not originally manufactured by Spectra.

The ability to re-purpose your existing tape drives offers tremendous investment protection for users, and as will be shown below, offers greater versatility and ease in migration.

Spectra Stack accepts LTO-5 through LTO-8 tape drives. Most existing tape drives to be moved into a Spectra Stack library will fall into 1 of 2 categories: Straight Move or Sled Move.

Straight Move – Straight move allows the user to move LTO tape drives directly from their existing tape library into the Spectra Stack library.

Sled Move – Any tape drive used in library automation requires a “sled” to mount into the library.

Migration Paths – Library, Drive, and Media

Soft Migration

Overview – A “soft migration” refers to moving existing LTO media and drives directly from an existing library into a Spectra Stack library. The existing data movement application or data manager will be directed to the new library, an inventory will be conducted and media sets will be available for restoration if needed.

If differing versions of LTO technology are not being mixed in the same library, partitions may be used for separating data on a departmental basis, operating system or application basis according to need. Migration would be complete

Here we see process by which existing LTO drives and LTO media are moved from existing tape library to a new spectra stack liabrary which allows for immediate decommissioning of the older tape library

Hard Migration

Hard migration refers to restoring data from existing backup or archive tapes and then directing the data to the new tape library and tape media. Hard migration is most commonly used when an existing data mover application (backup, HSM or archive software) which writes in a proprietary format is being replaced as well. One might also refer to this as a “traditional” migration.

By moving older tape drives into the new Spectra Stack library, hard migration can occur in the background as time and resources allow without the need to maintain an additional library.

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