NX2 & ZX Media Production Storage

Extreme performance for Ethernet-based and media-rich workgroups that require scalability, reliability, and better TCO.

Shared Storage is Essential for Every
Collaborative Media Workflow

Media production groups need to enable workflows that deliver simultaneous access to multiple users without the need for duplicating files or version control.

Enhance Your Workflow

Cut down storage admin tasks for editors, achieve higher stream counts and faster copy speeds, and add NVMe or SSD caching to turbocharge your editing environment.


Protect Critical Data

Built-in unlimited snapshots for data protection ensure users can go “back in time” to retrieve a lost file or protect their data. Built-in file replication for sync to another NX2 device ensures disaster recovery in little to no time.


Scale With Ease

With growing workflows, multiple storage chassis can be connected for increased performance, capacity, and expansion into archive.


Enable Cloud Integration

Optional software to achieve archive and backup to any S3-compliant public or private cloud or LTO tape.


NX2 NAS Media Production Storage

An integrated single server subsystem providing users with high-performance media storage and rack density, all at a highly competitive cost per TB without sacrificing processing power.

Furthermore, this cost-effective feature-rich media storage can be used as a high-performance primary shared storage for video editing and VFX applications such as Final Cut Pro® X, Adobe® Productions, Avid® Media Composer®, DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, Maya®, and After Effects®. The NX2 can also serve as a near-line repository for Avid Project Parking; second-instance storage under Avid®, EditShare®, Isilon and more; or a spinning disk archive.

Unlimited Snapshot Functionality

Users can go “back in time” to see and retrieve lost files, and administrators can clone a snapshot to recover from a virus or ransomware attack.

Single Global Namespace

Utilize a single global namespace to address the most efficient workflow and to enable up to 300 project-based volumes if needed.

RAP (Remote Access Portal)

Remote Access Portal (RAP) is a 1U Linux appliance that seamlessly enables remote workforces to access on-prem storage for both proxy and high-resolution workflows.

It’s no surprise that more and more production professionals are now working remotely. Remote Access Portal (RAP) enables remote clients to seamlessly access content on the on-prem storage in the exact same way they would when connected over internal LAN, only this is done securely over a HTTPS port. To further the experience—one that ensures no lag times nor slow connectivity—the remote client’s hard drive acts like a large cache, enabling only modified content to be synced back to the on-prem storage via the RAP. RAP is storage- and MAM-agnostic and can work with any SAN or NAS device.

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