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The FileCatalyst platform provides acceleration, security, reliability and automation. Transfer at full line speed even with high latency and packet loss, problems common to satellite and wireless networks. The UDP-based protocol achieves speeds up to thousands of times faster than FTP, while ensuring the delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes, using robust retry, resume, and verification facilities.
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FileCatalyst Direct is our point-to-point file transfer solution.
Web portal for sharing, submission & distribution
Monitor All Your File Transfer Activities From One Central Location.
Pay-As-You-Go – Low monthly cost with no contracts
Monitor All Your File Transfer Activities From One Central Location.View ongoing transfers in real-time, drill into transaction histories or reports, view alarms, remotely configure nodes and initiate file transfers all from a browser.
Files2U is a FREE web portal that allows you to send large files to anyone with an email address. It removes the stress of size restriction with email attachments and slow FTP connections. Files2U is powered through file transfer acceleration technology made by FileCatalyst.com.